Poland Elects New Prime Minister

WARSAW – Only two weeks after Prime Minister MoskvaFPS formally declared his intent to hold early elections, in which he also announced he would not be running for reelection, Poland has concluded its Parliamentary election cycle.

Control over the next Polish government was contested by the two major parties of the last term, with the ideologically center-right Civic Platform (“Platforma Obywatelska”, aka “PO”), lead by ChristopherHuxley, seeking to hold on to power against their rivals, the ideologically right-wing Law and Justice (“Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”, aka “PiS”), lead by Patrick_Murphy.

With polls opening on Wednesday night and closing Friday evening, roughly 1-in-5 Polish citizens – 20.2%, or 24 of the nation’s 119 members – participated in this month’s elections. According to the National Electoral Commission, there were no invalid votes, and no independent candidates were listed on the ballot this election.

Despite a relatively close race, ChristopherHuxley’s Civic Platform was ultimately able to secure their majority, with 54% of the popular vote ultimately taking a total of 9 seats in the Sejm, compared to the only 7 seats Patrick_Murphy’s Law and Justice took with 46% of the popular vote. This majority has secured ChristopherHuxley’s place as the fourth Prime Minister of Poland.

Meanwhile in the upper house, Civic Platform failed to secure a majority of the 6 seats available, with both parties receiving 3 seats, splitting the Senate evenly.

Poland Parliament Elections May2017 graphic1

Following their electoral defeat, Patrick_Murphy has since reportedly resigned as leader of Law and Justice, being replaced by PedroTheGoogolth who is to become the Leader of the Opposition.

According to statistics released by Polish officials, the Civic Platform held a small majority in the previous term with only 8 of the 16 seats in the lower house of the Polish Parliament, the Sejm, while Law and Justice lead the minority with 7 seats and an independent occupied the final seat – a narrow balance of power both parties fought to challenge but only Civic Platform seeing improve. While Prime Minister ChristopherHuxley now takes office with a stronger majority in the Sejm than his party previously had, his government will likely have to contend with the fact that majority is only by 2 seats, and that the Senate is likely to become deadlocked on partisan issues.


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