Iraqi Government Prepares For Conflict

BAGHDAD – In light of, quote, “neighboring imperialism”, President Praepotens has ordered the borders of Iraq closed and imposed martial law across the nation this week.

With the country on lock down and under martial law, Iraq has also reportedly sent a request to the Imperial Ottoman Federation, a Turkey-led federation of Western European, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian states, for IOF forces to be deployed for peacekeeping purposes, including to “ensure security of the republic”.

This request was followed by an announcement that the Iraqi military would be focused on special forces rather than conventional forces for the time being, with President Praepotens stating, “At these levels of tension, we’ll be surviving off of our special forces in combat.

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The government of Iraq has also announced that they’ve purportedly signed a new military pact with Turkey and Colombia, with the reported hopes of “pushing more soldiers to protect Iraqi lands while recruitment is beginning for the Iraqi Special Operations Forces.”

These developments, apparently motivated by concerns over conflict in the region, come amidst Israel’s recent territorial expansion after becoming a Kingdom, Iran’s war against the Imperial Ottoman Federation over concerns of Turkmenistan’s membership, as well as Iraq’s transitioning into a republican form of government, with its now-former monarch, Praepotens, becoming the nation’s new President.


Israel Kingdom May2017 graphic1
Of most note, however, is the forming of a military pact against the IOF by Israel, Iran, and Armenia, all of whom have now deployed forces to their borders shared with Turkey and Iraq, with Armenia also raising its national threat level to “critical”.

At present, none of those countries have formally explained their deployment, however in light of increasing anti-IOF rhetoric, as well as talk from Israeli leaders of taking land from the IOF in the name of expanding ally Armenia, it seems rather likely the so-called “Joint Anti-Ottoman Military Pact” will be launching an offensive against the Imperial Ottoman Federation before long.


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