Somali President’s Resignation Brings Political Turmoil

MOGADISHU – With the departure of Somalia’s long-time President, the nation has experienced a week of political turmoil which has resulted in several leadership changes.

President of Somalia SKAR3CR0W, who state media has said served for two years across two terms, reportedly resigned on Tuesday, May 30th, resulting in Minister of Defense Foxmission’s succeeding him, as the second highest ranking official in the Somali government at the time, to become Acting President.

Presidential elections to fill the high level position on a more permanent basis were quickly scheduled for two days after that, to last from Thursday, June 1, until Saturday, June 3. Acting President Foxmission, running as an independent, sought to be elected to a full term as President, reportedly opposed only by ArcOfCharts of the “Green Leaf For Democracy” party.

But, before elections could be concluded, Acting President Foxmission was removed from office on Friday over unspecified allegations of corruption and amidst what state media at the time characterized as “civil unrest”. Acting President Foxmission was reportedly succeeded by GenosZoldyck.

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This would not be the end of Somalia’s political turmoil however, as President GenosZoldyck would go on to resign only two days later on Sunday, with KennethMcGowan succeeding him as President.

At present, it is not yet clear for how long President KennethMcGowan will be serving, or whether either ArcOfCharts will be declared the default winner of the June 1st-3rd elections in light of former Acting President Foxmission’s corruption scandal or if new elections will be called instead.


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