Israeli Kingdom Faces New ‘Coup’

TEL AVIV – Amidst ongoing territorial expansion and a multi-front war, Israel has reportedly experienced a failed ‘coup’ against the recently formed monarchy.

Only weeks after the proclamation of a new Israeli Kingdom under King UKR4IN1AN, who has apparently dubbed himself to be “King Solomon the Great”, formed under what was itself at the time characterized by state media as a coup, the Kingdom of Israel has reportedly faced yet another coup against the existing government.

While the previous coup was at the hands of then-Prime Minister UKR4IN1AN and resulted in his ascension to become King of Israel, this new coup, reportedly lead by the former Minister of the Interior, Tremsy, and his Deputy Minister of the Interior, Genzken, has evidently not been as successful.


According to Israeli state media, the two now-former cabinet members launched what has been described as “a police run coup to take the throne of Israel”, however they were “immediately struck down” by Israeli special forces and were alleged to have fled the country, which in the case of Genzken appears to be true as they are no longer in the Israeli main group while Tremsy on the other hand is currently ranked as being in “State Prison” in said group.

Israeli authorities have claimed to have “shot and shown no mercy” to supporters of this failed coup, though the amount of support this coup may have had, or the range and number of persons targeted for associating with the coup, is not immediately clear.

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This coup comes amidst ongoing wars on several fronts, primarily against Turkey’s Imperial Ottoman Federation to the northeast in Turkey and Iraq and against a coalition of regional and international forces which are seeking to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Most recently, there was reportedly a “large raid” by regional Arab forces against an Israeli outpost in the Sinai, which Israeli state media have said “overwhelmed” Israeli forces there and has resulted in Israeli special forces being dispatched to reinforce their effort to repel the Arab assault. Israel also reportedly faced an assault by Moroccan forces on their home soil, however it has been reported that the Moroccans were pushed “back into their boats by Israeli Tomahawk Cruise Missiles”.

Neither Moroccan or Arab leaders have thus far publicly commented on the fate of these recent assaults.

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Despite growing international resistance to Israel’s expansionist agenda, including the United Nations Secretary General’s denouncement of King UKR4IN1AN and his efforts, King UKR4IN1AN has reportedly brushed off the recent raids as “just nations trying to test our tactics” and has so far shown no intent to reverse the controversial and violent path he’s currently leading his Kingdom down.


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