Reports Of French Coup After President Quits

PARIS – The Republic of France has found itself in the midst of a political crisis, with the departure of its elected President and now conflicting reports of a coup.

Late Wednesday night, at just after 11PM local time, President of FranceLana_Benot, who was until recently known as LanaKL, announced on Twitter her resignation and departure from France, stating, “This is now official. I’m off from France. Tired of those people. [sic]

President Lana_Benot would go on to clarify media reports that the cause of her departure was issues within the government, stating that it was not the government but apparent disputes between her and “The [Constitutional Council] lead by someone that never was voted on“, apparently referring to the group’s holder ConfidentCoding, formerly known as DavidWhitmore, who has been a source of conflict with the governments of France on multiple occasions throughout the years, which prompted her sudden departure.

Lana_Benot has been the President of France since being elected in mid-March, having ran under the Populist Party banner on a platform of agency reforms, cutting Parliamentary terms, and reforming the electoral process. Since her election, from her first act in office being to order the dissolution of the Parliament for early elections, the President has often proven a somewhat controversial figure.

Most recently, President Lana_Benot achieved a key victory for her agenda with the public’s approval of a referendum on her proposed constitutional amendments to the process of appointing the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, this coming after some public and even international debate on her motives behind these reforms. The President has also since issued a new order giving members of the National Assembly, the Lower House of the Parliament, until Wednesday to show signs of activity or face removal from their seats.

President Lana_Benot’s departure comes as the nation has just begun to prepare for upcoming Presidential elections, a race which she had already declared her intent to contest but which it seems she no longer will be participating in.

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Prime Minister NicholasCerrito, nominated by President Lana_Benot and approved by the National Assembly under the new system for cabinet appointments, initially commented on Twitter about the President’s departure, calling her leaving “unfortunate”, commending her for “truly car[ing] about France“, and accusing Group Holder ConfidentCoding of causing her departure, stating “Unfortunately, our founder involves himself in the government way too much. I hope to help change that as soon as possible. So that France may be the Republic it was meant to be. [sic]

The Prime Minister, who says he is currently on vacation, would later go on to release a full statement, in which he thanked President Lana_Benot “for giving her time to France“. The Prime Minister would also say that “Another President has unfortunately resigned“, and again target the group holder, denouncing “ConfidentCoding’s outrageous involvement in the Constitutional Council“.

NicholasCerrito would go on to call on Speaker of the Senate, Cloudruin, who is apparently to be the nation’s new President for the time being, to declare early Presidential elections sooner than the already planned elections in July, stating, “Seeing as the election is next month and that many people are becoming concerned about the future of France, I advise the President to let the people voice their input on our country’s future.



Not long after President Lana_Benot’s resignation, media reports began to circulate of France’s Minister of Defense, Boom_Castellan, declaring a “bloodless coup”.

In a statement from Minister Boom_Castellan ,apparently released initially by the Turkish News Network, he would declare that “now is a time of extreme, extreme [sic] crisis in the French Government“. The Minister would bemoan the armed forces being “in shambles” along with accusing the government of being “mostly non-existent, stubborn, [and uncooperative]“.

In this statement, which was made as a forum post and apparently shared in the group shout, the Minister would declare that he “will take over the Presidency” and would remove the current government, call for new elections, invoke the President’s emergency powers, reverse President Lana_Benot’s constitutional amendment to the Cabinet appointment process, and replace the Constitutional Council with “a court’s commission which will also be set up at a later date.

However, shortly after these reports began to circulate, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dangerous_Fall would Tweet thatThere is no coup happening in France“, adding in a second Tweet that “[Minister of Defense Boom_Castellan] went to Paris and tried to proclaim a coup by himself […] Its Fake [sic]“.

While it is unclear whether Minister Boom_Castellan has actually declared a coup at this time, or how much support he genuinely has in this endeavor, Prime Minister NicholasCerrito has condemned the coup, stating that “This is not the way of democracy. This is the way of dictatorship and a power hungry person.” The Prime Minister has also Tweeted that the international community should discredit this coup, stating that the coup is “being pursued for ill intentions.

Updated June 22nd, 2017, at 2:50AM EDT: French Minister of Foreign Affairs Dangerous_Fall has confirmed on Twitter the existence of a coup d’etat in Paris late Wednesday night, but has said that he has stopped the coup and that “a peace treaty is being drafted.

Updated June 22nd, 2017, at 6:12 PM EDT: The official Twitter account of the government of France, @FranceROBLOX, which is under the control of Group Holder ConfidentCoding, has suggested that there was no coup in the country last night, Tweeting today that “To the [Constitutional Council’s] understanding the coup being publicised is just a media stunt. No coup is in effect and [the] government [is] still in control.

However, this is not the word of other officials from France. Notably, in a string of now partially deleted Tweets last night from Minister of Foreign Affairs Dangerous_Fall, the Minister not only doubled down on his claims that a coup took place, but also on his claims that he had helped put an end to the coup, as well as also criticizing his government and the Group Holder for their failure to act, Tweeting in response to Prime Minister NicholarCerrito’s own remarks on the matter that “Coups suck, yes. Nothing you can do about it Nich when they have an army in Paris and are threatening to overthrow the gov. Funny part is, I was the only one out there fighting for France in Pairs. Where was the FAF to back me and the Germans up who were fighting? I didn’t get a single bit of aid from the gov. Yet I was fighting for you? People were being shot in the streets of Paris for gods sake. The gov knew they were committing a coup in Pairs, yet they did nothing. Now all of a sudden I’m suppose to be loyal to u? […] I didn’t get a single bit of aid from the gov. Yet I was fighting for you? People were being shot in the streets of Paris for gods sake. [sic]

Foreign Minister Dangerous_Fall would also add that, “If [Prime Minister NicholasCerrito] and [Group Holder ConfidentCoding] don’t accept the results of this coup (highly likely) [then] why keep France in the community?

France Presidents Resignation June2017 pic2

France Presidents Resignation June2017 pic3

In further political drama for the French Republic, NBC News has reported that an anonymous source has told them that Group Holder ConfidentCoding has appointed Kingifil, a multiple times senior French official and apparently both the head of state-run media France24 and a member of the Constitutional Council, as the nation’s new President; at present, this appears to be true as Kingifil now occupies the rank of President.

NBC’s anonymous source went on however to add that ConfidentCoding chose to ignore the line of succession and go around President of the Senate Cloudruin, who would have become President under French law, because Cloudruin was allegedly involved in signing a so-called peace treaty with the coup forces last night which apparently had sought to hand power to not only Minister of Defense Boom_Castellan, who lead the apparent coup, but also Minister of Foreign Affairs Dangerous_Fall, who despite openly questioning his loyalty to the government has continued to insist his role was to stop the coup rather than participate in it.

Former President Lana_Benot has also broken the silence since her sudden departure late last night, criticizing Group Holder ConfidentCoding’s decision to go around the normal line of succession, Tweeting that “By my understanding, France can’t even respect their own constitution. Good job guys, you have a Constitutional Council: to break the rules.” Foreign Minister Dangerous_Fall has added to this, by suggesting that the Constitutional Council, France’s highest judicial body which also has the power to effectively veto any legislation on the verge of ratification, has “failed to respect our laws” and “should be dissolved for good.


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