RTA Welcomes Minister Robert_Grey

JULY 10TH, 2017 – RTA’s executive staff are proud to welcome the nation’s first Minister of Commerce, Public Works, Information, and Culture to our family this week!

With His Majesty King DukeWilliamKallioIII’s appointment Sunday evening of the Honorable Robert_Grey to the Government of the Right Honorable Prime Minister NicholasCerrito in the post of Minister of Commerce, Public Works, Information, and Culture, the Kingdom of Afghanistan has at long last gained a new ministerial head for its thriving state media.

While RTA remains fiercely independent from the personal agenda of any political figure, we look forward to close cooperation with, and great support from, Minister Robert_Grey throughout his continued service to Afghanistan as we both seek to continue to grow RTA’s ability to bring exceptional news coverage to its readers and help meet its obligation to serve the public.

Minister Robert_Grey is an experienced politician, with a long list of past and current roles throughout the various member states of the Commonwealth of Nations, who has also throughout his long and varied career served as a levelheaded judge and as a dedicated member of the press.

From his experience, and from our past collaboration with Minister Robert_Grey, on work which unfortunately was not published due to extenuating circumstances, RTA’s confident we will see a strong and healthy working relationship with the Minister and that he will seek the best course for supporting a free and reliable Afghan press.

From RTA’s staff, we extend our deepest congratulations to the Honorable Minister of Commerce, Public Works, Information, and Culture, Robert_Grey, on his appointment to the cabinet, and on formally becoming a part of the family here; we wish him a long and prosperous term, and eagerly anticipate the time we’ll be sharing together!


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