US Faces Constitutional Crisis

WASHINGTON – The United States of America entered a constitutional crisis on Monday night following the first ruling of it’s new JenniferHartson-lead Supreme Court.

Sent out only four hours after the United States Supreme Court had tweeted it was “back in session”, the nation’s top court issued a majority opinion Monday night which raised serious questions over slavery, citizenship, and the rights of non-citizens and, in the end, would lead to a purge of the Justices behind that opinion.

Weighing on whether the Supreme Court would hear “James Clements v. United States”, a case brought against the United States government by group holder and “Overseer” JamesClements, the majority of the court, including Justices MartinPJones, SalvatorePaterson, and Webby678, issued an eight-page opinion that they do not, in fact, have grounds to hear the case because, they argue, the Overseers, or group administrators, do not meet the constitutional requirements to qualify as citizens of the United States.

Namely at the heart of the majority opinion, written by Justice MartinPJones, was the 11th Amendment of the current US Constitution, which begins by stating that, “All persons in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.

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The primary argument of Justice MartinPJones was that, as the Overseers are not accountable to the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the United States government, then said group administrators are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States and as such lack both citizenship and the constitutional right to petition the court.

This argument lead to, what were for many, several eyebrow-raising statements, including at one point where the Justice, citing “Dred Scott v. Sandford”, a 19th century Supreme Court ruling which found that black Americans of slave descent could not hold citizenship, made the case that the Overseers are part of a “subhuman class” of migrants without any rights. Justice MartinPJones writing that, “With the Overseers and Founder class being deemed outside United States jurisdiction as a sovereign entity, they join the class of subhuman of other non-citizens, and thus are denied their rights as such.”

Recently appointed Justice MomentousSima was absent for this hearing, while also newly appointed Chief Justice JenniferHartson, alone in her opposition, issued a five-page partly dissenting opinion, arguing against the majority’s arguments. Namely, Chief Justice JenniferHartson argued that the 11th Amendment’s clause on United States jurisdiction referred to the country as a whole, rather than the three main branches of its government, and that, essentially, as the Overseers have long been citizens and leaders within the US and are accountable to each other they as such qualify as under US jurisdiction.

Chief Justice JenniferHartson also at many points raised the point that the real world 14th Amendment, which clarified matters of US citizenship and equal protection under the law but which is notably lacking from the current constitution used by the JamesClements-owned United States of America, would have clarified and resolved many of the issues raised in the Supreme Court’s opinion, stating that “the presence of the Fourteenth Amendment, adapted for ROBLOX, would resolve this issue entirely”.



US Crisis July2017 pic2.PNG

Immediately following the court’s ruling on its lack of jurisdiction to hear cases from the Overseers on the grounds that they do not consider Overseers to be citizens, Overseer DrRobertFord, who is a developer for the United States, announced he was “severely saddened” by the ruling. The Overseer also released a statement on these events, stating he is “giving the group a week to pull themselves together and make positive, impactful changes”

In a widely circulated screenshot of a Discord chat, an individual identified as Overseer DrRobertFord announced that he would be discontinuing all development work for the United States until his citizenship had been restored.

In that same screenshot, an individual identified as group owner JamesClements, who had brought the case before the Supreme Court, would also announce that he was overruling the Supreme Court’s ruling and the he had “exiled the members of the court that have taken part in these acts” and that they “shall be forever barred from entry into the United States of America” in what he says is a “non-negotiable and non-reversible” decision of his as the group’s holder.

This announced course of action is seemingly corroborated by the fact that Justices MartinPJones, SalvatorePaterson, and Webby678 are no longer part of the “Supreme Court” rank of the main group of the United States, with MartinPJones, who authored the opinion, apparently no longer in said group while SalvatorePaterson and Webby678 are only ranked as “Citizen”.

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Whether the group holder, or the Overseers in general, hold this legal authority is unclear, with the only mention of the Overseers in the US Constitution being in Section VI, which states only the Overseers may change that section referencing the manner in which term lengths and limits for elected officials are changed.

The Overseers are the group administrators of the United States of America, with group holder and self-styled “founder” JamesClements generally included amongst them, who oversee changing the ranks of officials, the development of the nation’s capital city Washington, DC, and other administrative duties to keep the group functioning. Overseers have typically held various senior positions throughout the United States government before being appointed to the role, including President, Vice President, and so forth.

This isn’t the first time that the Overseers and their role in the US government have been controversial, most recently Overseer TerenceWalsh was part of a controversy over his close support for and involvement in the campaign, and eventual administration, of Democratic President PatrickRusso, for which TerenceWalsh has openly admitted his impartiality, apologized, and pledged to remain uninvolved with President PatrickRusso’s administration and the government at large.

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This crisis also comes only a month after the United States held a Constitutional Convention, at which the Overseers were formally a part of alongside the heads of the three branches of the US government, to write a new Constitution and Bill of Rights seeking reforms to the judiciary, legislature, and local governments. However, it now appears likely that said Constitution will see further revisions as a result of this crisis.

Founder JamesClements has tweeted in his first, and so far only outside the before mentioned Discord screenshot, public remarks on the affair, that he is “fully confident that the U.S. Congress will be able to fix the ongoing crisis we’re facing.”


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