Indonesia Shuttered Abruptly

JAKARTA – The Republic of Indonesia closed down as of Monday morning, in a sudden and shocking turn of events.

Early Monday morning, officials from the Republic of Indonesia, including Minister of Foreign Affairs DaneAjax and President RijalulShuffle, with no prior forewarning that this decision may be coming, announced on Twitter and in private messages to world leaders that their nation, which has notably risen to prominence in recent months as a growing nation in Southeast Asia, had effective immediately been formally shut down.

This shocking development comes after the recent removal of President MuhammadThoharii from power over criminal allegations which have not been publicly elaborated on. MuhammadThoharii, who came in second place as a candidate in recent elections for United Nations Secretary General, was succeeded in recent days by his Vice President, RijalulShuffle, who also succeeded him as the official holder of Indonesia’s main group.

Leaders from around the world have begun to publicly express their condolences at the closing of Indonesia. Among the farewells included a royal statement on the behalf of King of Afghanistan DukeWilliamKallioIII thanking Indonesia for their “friendship” and expressing that “the Kingdom now mourns the loss of a valued ally” as well as Malaysian state-owned media BERNAMA’s Tweet that “Malaysia is deeply saddened by the shutdown of the Indonesia and will be offering jobs to those who are in need.” The Association of Southeast Asian Nations also joined in, tweeting out their goodbyes to the former member nations.


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