OPINION: The United Nations Of Gmf34?

There’s been a recent uproar in the community due to discussions between an employee of the Italian Government, CapColton, and the leader of the war clan “United States Armed Forces”, Gmf34, who had desires to start a new United Nations.

I’m not going to sit here and bash Italy or CapColton for looking into joining this new “UN”, it wouldn’t be productive and Tormentium and a few others are already doing it. It seems more important to me to point out the flaws Gmf34 uses to justify this new UN which is so obviously just a power grab to pull the community around his USA.

In screenshots posted by Tormentium, one of them revealed discourse between Gmf34 and a few others, and in it he says: “The current UN cannot defend itself – I could easily send in my forces wherever I want”. Not only does this reveal Gmf34’s lack of understanding of how today’s community functions, it also reveals that he completely underestimates the abilities of the current UN.

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The fact that Gmf34 believes we are still a community that only cares about war is ridiculous, in today’s Ro-Nations we have many examples of civilian activities being more prioritized over just constantly starting wars for the sake of starting wars. The best examples would be UN programs such as the International Monetary Fund and International Court of Justice, as well as media programs such as the one I am using to post this article. However he also underestimates the abilities of the UN, we have a peacekeeping program that, while mostly unused, could easily be used to defend against raids by his war clan.

What I also find problematic with this UN Gmf34 is starting is the automatic placing of nations on the UNSC. In one leaked picture it is revealed that ‘DonRenzi’, a co-conspirator with Gmf34, promises Italy a Security Council seat because they are “founders of the community”. Seniority is a flawed and undemocratic way of promoting people to the Security Council, and is not reflective of who the true powers of today’s community are. As much as I’d love to say that Italy is the power it once was, the Italian Armed Forces, ITAF, is practically a shell of itself and the country itself is, for the most part, dead. Therefore putting groups into the Security Council based on seniority as Gmf34 is attempting to do, would quickly kill their UNSC and likely the rest of his UN.

“Seniority is a flawed and undemocratic way of promoting people to the Security Council, and is not reflective of who the true powers of today’s community are.”

Gmf34 also has this flawed idea that once he controls his UN he controls the community. What I’ve discovered in my term as a world leader and General Assembly President is that people do not like to be controlled, in fact they don’t even like other people being controlled.

When Hawai’i was in the British Empire during its time existing, we got a lot of flack from allies, and while we retained the allies, we were constantly asked to leave the British Empire. An anti-British Empire sentiment quickly grew in the UN and many nations were denied entry to the UN simply on the basis of being British Empire members, or as they referred to us, “British Puppets”. This same sentiment can be seen in the recent attempt to revive the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the previous USSR and its member states being banned from the UN.

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In a UN controlled by Gmf34, I believe that same sentiment would be pointed against Gmf34 by the community, and with no “control” over the community this power he believes he can achieve like he did “in 2012” would be, in reality, unattainable.

Overall Gmf34’s threats against members of our community are mostly empty given his lack of understanding of how this community works as well as the powers in today’s community. His non-existent comprehension foreshadows the fast death of his sad excuse for a new UN, and shows that he will not be able to lead it without it collapsing like so many other attempts at breakaway United Nations groups before.

You can find the full video of the leaked chat logs here; full credit to the original leaker as well as to Tormentium for sharing important parts of this new “UN”.


WolkKaluaiku Twitter Profile Pic July2016.pngWolfKaluaiku is a Guest Contributor to RTA and is the King of Hawaii and incumbent President of the United Nations General Assembly; find him on Twitter at @WolfKaluaikuHI.

This article was written by an individual personally involved in the subject matter, RTA in no way formally endorses them, their policies, or their actions.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of its authors and RTA does not formally endorse said opinions.


One thought on “OPINION: The United Nations Of Gmf34?

  1. The ICJ and the IMF are failures. Hawaii only says this community does not have underlying warfare intentions because he is aware that he cannot defend against any nation. The truth is, the UN has become a daycare, filled with literal political wannabe’s who cannot bother to go outside. Perhaps change in this community is what is needed.


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