Afghanistan Enters Another Brief Regency

KABUL – Afghanistan has entered a regency for the second time this year as the King takes a temporary leave of absence.

The monarch of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, His Majesty, King “William I”, also known as DukeWilliamKallioIII, announced earlier this week that he would be taking a brief leave of absence, beginning on Friday afternoon, while he attends to real world obligations.

His Royal Highness, Crown Prince “Danyaal”, also known as Texar, has assumed the rule of Regent of Afghanistan for the third time this year, having previously served as Regent for briefly in May while King DukeWilliamKallioIII was ill and again during several weeks in June as the King traveled and overcame a minor bout of illness.

His Majesty, King DukeWilliamKallioIII, is expected to return this upcoming Wednesday, but until then His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Texar, shall continue to lead in his stead, including meeting with His Majesty’s Government and overseeing the continued development of the nation’s capital city, Kabul.

This Regency comes after the Kingdom of Afghanistan had a rather eventful time last weekend, after the nation secured entrance into the Asia Cooperation Dialogue on Saturday, a regional organization in Asia which says it “was created to foster cooperation among Asian [nations]”, and into the United Nations on Sunday, with only minimal opposition in both including gaining nearly six times as many ayes as nays in the United Nations.


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