RTA Ends Hiatus, Changes Policies

JULY 29TH, 2017 – Beginning as a short break, RTA has taken something of a hiatus while its staff reviewed its policies and general focus.

RTA is returning, partially, from what has been an over week-long hiatus this weekend. However, while RTA is proud of the work it’s done, and greatly appreciates the outpouring of support and the calls for its return in light of this hiatus, the staff at RTA are now implementing changes to how the news organization conducts its affairs.

Namely, RTA is now planning to scale down its involvement in international stories. There’s a lot going on in the world, and we know our readers have come to depend on our steady, reliable coverage of world events, but unfortunately there is simply too much for our small staff to cover as well as our standards for ourselves would tolerate.

RTA also hopes to filter out the noise and get straight to what matters to us and to our readers. While there is almost no such thing as an unimportant story, a philosophy we’ve long operated by – and been praised for – as we’ve continued to cover every diplomatic meeting, every development update, every war, and every election that we’ve heard of, and more, the RTA staff feel we can do more good, and better inform our readers, by narrowing down our focus to more major events.

This change will also mean a greater focus on domestic affairs. RTA is, at the end of the day, still a state-owned media organization of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, and has a continued duty to inform the public and keep them aware of what’s going on in their own country, not just abroad.

RTA hopes to see as well a greater mix of articles and tweets, rather than our previous model of relying primarily on Twitter. We feel if we go beyond 140 characters, we can go a bit deeper on stories that matter to us, and to you our readers, and do a bit more good. This change will not, however, reduce our desire to see more op-eds and guest articles from members of the community on events they feel need more attention or issues they feel they can contribute to – so, please do not hesitate to bring pitches to us!

RTA will, as of today, begin to slowly resume putting out articles, starting with an article on Afghanistan’s latest Regency. At present, we have no set schedule for how often we will be posting articles, or for when we will fully resume our Twitter operations, but we hope our readers understand and appreciate the changes we’ve made here, and we look forward to continuing to serve you all.

Thank you for your continued support!


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