RTA is the state-owned media company of the Kingdom of Afghanistan, a social group in the ROBLOX.comRoNationroleplay community.


King WilliamI Park Night n Day
Night or day – RTA is working tirelessly to cover events from around the community!

RTA was founded on March 30th, 2017, and formally began operations, by reporting news on its Twitter account @RTArblx, on April 2nd of that year, and since then has focused on bringing the public a level of quality, reliable, professional coverage on events from around the community that they simply can’t find anywhere else. RTA has since then further expanded and enhanced its coverage, with the addition of its website, RTArblx.Wordpress.com, to its roster of tools for bringing information and announcements to the general public.

RTA covers news from Afghanistan, around the world, and from important fields of interest such as game development within the community, and it does so with care and an objective tone – RTA promises never to promote a story it can’t verify with a trusted primary source – such as an official involved in the story – or secondary source – such as the Associated Press – and to never try to sell you on our opinions; RTA is here to bring you the facts as best as we can, not tell you how to view those events!

RTA Logo2
RTA’s second logo, introduced May 17th, 2017; designed by Texar.

RTA will, from time to time, also cover more miscellaneous areas of concern, including important public service announcements from the Ministries and Departments of the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

Coverage on RTA focuses entirely on the canonical, and sometimes the meta, affairs of that community – no coverage focuses on actual, real world events and no persons, states, or other entities mentioned in the course of that coverage are meant to refer to any real world persons, states, or entities.

Since its founding in early 2017, RTA has remained under the care of its Acting-Director, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince “Danyaal” Texar, who was appointed by His Majesty, King “William” DukeWilliamKallioIII, to oversee the fledgling news outlet based on his extensive experience in the area, having been involved with the Broadcast Corporation of Newfoundland in the Dominion of Newfoundland, Cascadian Range News in the now-defunct Republic of Cascadia, Channel NewsAsia in the Republic of Singapore, and France 24 in the Republic of France.